My kind of town, y'all.

Hello. I just wanted to welcome you to my website. I’m glad that you stopped by. As you can probably tell already, this site is all about music in Chicago, music in the United States, and African music in general. This is about soul music, jazz music, and blues music. This is about live bands playing throughout Chicago. This is about how the Windy City has molded music throughout the ages. And this is about jazz, and all of the people dancing to that strange, strange beat.

This is about making life in the Windy City the best it can possibly be with some of the best music that we’ve ever heard.

A Hotbed

Say what you want to say you are from New York or Los Angeles, Chicago is a hotbed of musical talent. It always been this way, possibly because this place just gets so cold in the winter. It is a place with both cleanliness and dirtiness, happiness and sadness, and grit that makes the Midwestern city. It is about love, and it is about Illinois.

I invite you to comment on any of my blogs and send me a message if you’re interested in writing something for the site. I’m trying to get this thing going, and I feel like I’ve got a pretty good start right now.



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