Easy Steps to Fix A Failed Hard Drive

How do you keep your files and keep your hard drive from damage? As time goes by, your hard drive will start to show its age. It may start to have problems with some of its physical areas where your files are stored. This may show up as a problem within the file system or bad sectors on your hard drive. If your drive is damaged and you do not want the computer to use those areas, especially when storing data from important programs, be careful. You can use the error-checking tool included in your Windows XP to check any file system and any bad sectors in your hard drive. It is called the Check Disk. It is proven and suggested that you run this once a month; create a monthly reminder in your calendar. All programs must be closed first before starting this Check Disk program, and to start it right away. If there are files in use in the hard drive, you selected, a message box will appear to ask you if you want to reschedule the disk checking for the next time you restart your system. Your computer will not run Windows or any program until the check on the disk is done, and you have a fixed hard drive.

Maybe a lot of laptop or computer owners are running with the issue of getting blue screens every now and then, or their computer is basically locking up and shutting itself down. You may be confident that you have a well functioning hard drive. A lot of times, this blue screen problem and shutting down problem can be due to hard drive problems. First thing you should do if you are having blue screens; make an immediate back up of all your files as soon as you can. Fix the hard drive of your computer by following these simple steps:

Go to Start menu, click on Computer. Right click on the drive you want to check and then go to its Properties. From there, click on Tools, and under the Error Checking, click the “Check Now” button. There will be a message of a check disk command on a hard drive. Make sure you have checked the “automatically check file system errors” and also check the box that says, “Scan for an attempt recovery of bad sectors.” It will scan every single area that saves your data. If it had detected a bad sector it will be automatically blocked and continue scanning so, your computer system will not use that bad sector anymore. Read more here.

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