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Midwest Teens Are Big Spenders

It’s no wonder that Chicago-area discounters and drugstores devote considerable space to attracting teenaged customers, considering that in recent interviews with several local teenagers, each estimated she buys a new cosmetics product once every other week and almost exclusively on impulse. Ulta 3, the suburban Romeoville-based discount cosmetic chain and salon with 18 stores in […]

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Recovering Lost Data On Hard Drives With Problems

When your operating system crashes, the first thing that you have to analyze is whether it is, in fact, a hard drive crash, or a problem with the operating system. Usually, such crashes are mostly due to some trouble with the operating system. This can be checked by removing the seemingly damaged hard drive and […]

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What to Do When Your External Hard Drive Is Not Working

Your dilemma began on the day you plugged your external hard drive into your computer’s USB port, and your computer failed to recognize it. You tried using it on other computers, only to get the same result. You have no back up and you need the files that and say your drive. What can you […]

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Jean Coutu “Lovin’” Their POS Systems

What a lot of people don’t know is that Jean Coutu franchise holders do take most of the back-office and accounting software, local area network support and hardware his department has developed for them, realizing just as executives at headquarters do that computerization and use of the latest POS  systems technology is necessary to thrive […]

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Music At School – A Necessity?

In 1988 the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) issued its own report on the state of arts education in the nation, the first such study mandated by the Congress in more than a century: Toward Civilization: A Report of Arts Education. it focuses the attention of the American people, the education community, and those […]

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I-VI Reviewed

About The book: I-VI. The title is a shorthand abbreviation of the lectures’ real title: MethodStructureIntentionDisciplineNotationIndeterminacyInterpenetration-Imitatio n Devotion Circumstances VariableStructureNonunderstandingContingencyInconsistencyPerformance. The volume is well made, expensively produced, and extravagantly set. It is even packaged with two tapes, one of which contains the entire performance of one of the six lectures that John Cage delivered, and […]

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Easy Steps to Fix A Failed Hard Drive

How do you keep your files and keep your hard drive from damage? As time goes by, your hard drive will start to show its age. It may start to have problems with some of its physical areas where your files are stored. This may show up as a problem within the file system or […]

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Gettin’ My Shopping IN

Although at the time, I figured this was simply heavy-duty rationalization, it proved to be true when I made a return visit to the swimwear departments in mid-August to look for another suit. I first visited Marshall Field’s State Street flagship. As I approached the misses’ swimwear department on the sixth floor, I tried to […]

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The Chicago Music Community

We will all grant, I think, that what the Nashville music community has achieved in the past 20 years is something of a modern music industry miracle. It is true that much of the achievement has been made possible by “damn yankee” money in the form of significant major label investment, but that investment has […]

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