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Chicago Knows The Blues

Before the blues became a tourist attraction, bands like Tail Dragger‘s had their choice of more than a dozen South Side and West Side clubs in which to perform. They were dingy and smoky, and they were plentiful. Now, most blues clubs are tourist-oriented venues with valet parking, tacky souvenirs, and clean toilets–places you’d be […]

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Reviewing Blues, Ideology, and Afro-American Literature

HOUSTON A. BAKER JR.’S impressive study, ”Blues, Ideology, and Afro-American Literature,” reminds us that what is at issue in our debates among various schools of literary criticism is nothing less than the nature of American reality. Using a fusion of new and traditional critical methods – along with insights from the black American vernacular – […]

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Shaggin’ It Hard

  Each year duringĀ  the second week after Labor Day thousands of people from all over the Southeast flock to North Myrtle Beach, a town on a stretch of the South Carolina coast called the Grand Strand. The event is a gathering of the Society of Stranders, and its principal function is to celebrate a […]

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