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Clearing Music And Sampling – Much More Streamlined Now

The process of clearing popular and recorded music has certain “rules of thumb” of which producers should be aware. Understanding these guidelines is the first step in a process of music planning that will help secure the highest quality music at the lowest possible price. * First, understand that some songs or recordings aren’t available […]

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Editing Music Will Never Go Away

Geof Benson loves editing music. It’s been his job for what seems like forever now. His position in this hybrid of sight and sound is different than for many others. Geof Benson Music, his company, is a joint venture of Swell Pictures and himself (“They own the walls, I own the equipment”), in which the […]

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Music At School – A Necessity?

In 1988 the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) issued its own report on the state of arts education in the nation, the first such study mandated by the Congress in more than a century: Toward Civilization: A Report of Arts Education. it focuses the attention of the American people, the education community, and those […]

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I-VI Reviewed

About The book: I-VI. The title is a shorthand abbreviation of the lectures’ real title: MethodStructureIntentionDisciplineNotationIndeterminacyInterpenetration-Imitatio n Devotion Circumstances VariableStructureNonunderstandingContingencyInconsistencyPerformance. The volume is well made, expensively produced, and extravagantly set. It is even packaged with two tapes, one of which contains the entire performance of one of the six lectures that John Cage delivered, and […]

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Easy Steps to Fix A Failed Hard Drive

How do you keep your files and keep your hard drive from damage? As time goes by, your hard drive will start to show its age. It may start to have problems with some of its physical areas where your files are stored. This may show up as a problem within the file system or […]

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Chicago And Stereo? Who’d A Thunk It?

Of those Chicago music producers queried, a landslide has either mixed in stereo for years or are currently gearing up for the occasion. Outside of incidental music and sound effects, audio has been a notoriously neglected element of tv since the advent. But of late, with the music video rage embraced by networks and ad […]

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Radio: Suckers Never…

Remember when Radio really mattered to people??? The long-time radio leader in Chicago, MOR/talk WGN(AM), has regained its top 12-plus metro share standing while urban/contemporary hit KPWR(FM) overtook contemporary hit rocker KIIS-AM-FM for the numberone spot in Los Angeles, according to the just-released local market summar Arbitron reports. In New York, it was status quo […]

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